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Thomas Knoll was the inventer of Adobe Photoshop . Adobe Photoshop 1.0 was launched in 1990and Adobe Photoshop 11.0 was also known as CS4. Adobe Photoshop is the software used for edit and retouch the image. The first version of Photoshop named as display Program in 1987. In Adobe Photoshop if we want to see the brush size we have to press the caps lock key. In Adobe Photoshop typing tool is used to insert text in a image. Features of Adobe Photoshop

It is user friendly. It contain powerful tool to -crop the image without losing the quality of the image ,we can change the background colour of the image with the help of eraser tool , create 3d icons, create graphics for web applications with reduced file size. Exploring The main parts of Adobe Photoshop interface Tittle bar

It is the top most horizontal bar of the application window Menu bar
Menu bar shows the nine different menus like file, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, View, Window, and Help. Tool box contain some important tool are
1.Marquee tool
2.Lassco tool
3.Crop tool
4.Healing brush/Patch tool/Red eye tool
5.Stamp tool
6.Eraser tool
8.Path selection tool
9.Path tool
10.Notes tool
11.Hand tool
12.Foreground colour
13.Default colour
14.Standerd mode
15.Screen mode
16.Toggle image ready
17.Move tool
18.Magic wand tool
19.Slice tool
20.Brush/Pencil/colour replacement tool
21.History brush tool
22.Gradient/Paint bucket
23.Dodge/Burn/Sponge tool.
24.Type tool
25.Shape/Line tool
26.Eyedropper tool
27.Zoom tool
28.Switch colours
29.Background colour
30.Quick Mask Mode

Tool options bar
This bar is present under the menu bar.
Floating palettes
They are floating dialog boxes with different options to help the user to edit the images. These palettes can be closed whenever we want. Palette well
The palette well is present on the top right corner of Photoshop window.

Selection tool
There are two types of selection tool in Photoshop
1Marquee tool
2Lasso tools
Steps for using Marqee tool
1Click the Marquee tool from tool box.
2 Press and hold the left mouse button ,then drag out a marquee. 3 we will notice that a dashed border has covered the object. 4 Press the delete key from the keyboard.

Lasso tool

Two types of lasso tool
1 Polygonal Lasso tool
2 Magnetic Lasso tool

Steps for using Lasso tool
1 Select the lasso tool .
2 Click at any part of the image drag the mouse around the part of the image which was selected. 3 Release the mouse at the end part.

Steps for Polygonal lasso tool
1 Select the Polygonal lasso tool.
2Click on the image at any part.
3Move the mouse we will notice that the line will follow our polygon lasso. 4Move the mouse pointer over the area to select
5 Click again to increase the selection,we have to continue this process till we reach the starting point. 6 Close the marquee by clicking the starting point.

Steps for using Magnetic tool
1 Select the Magnetic lasso tool .
2 Click at any part of the image to be selectedand drag the mouse pointer around the object to selected it. 3 Double click at the ending point.
Magic wand tool
It is used to select the area of same colour in image. Steps for using Magic wand tool
1Click the Magic wand tool [W].
2Click on any part of the image the area of the same colour will be automatically selected.

Crop tool
It is used to remove the unwanted parts of the...
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