Adobe Flash and Role Playing Game

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Chapter 1

“Protect the Past. Shape the Future”. It describes the importance of some historical places that we can find all over the world and protect them or preserve it for the next generation. Being an archaeologist, involves recording and interpreting artifact, planning and researching excavations, conservation and publicity and educating a wide variety of people from developers to children school. It also makes one appreciate the struggles that have brought them to be what and where they are today. Because of the adventures you can experience and the knowledge one can get, it would be fun to become an archaeologist. It can enrich minds and give importance for us the things God had given and made realize how important nature is. There are different genres of games just like any games you play on your pc. There are role playing games, action games, strategy games, puzzles, simulations and a few more. One type of mobile game that is becoming popular today is Role-Playing game (RPG). It can be translated into mobile phones giving importance on storytelling. Much like the text-based role playing games of before, the current crop of mobile phone role playing games have put more emphasis on how the story unfolds and develops as you progress deeper and deeper into the game. In most role-playing games, you play the part of the character that you choose and continue on the journey until you complete the story. It can also be seen as a sort of interactive novel that enables you to see how the story develops while also experiencing being a part of it. There are also puzzle games wherein you have to solve a certain problem in order to reach your goal. Flash games are now becoming popular on the internet and many game developers are now using flash program for their games, because of this the proponents decided to use Flash CS3 for their study. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional is the first version of Flash released under the Adobe name. CS3 features full support for ActionScript 3.0, allows entire applications to be converted into ActionScript, adds better integration with other Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop, and also provides better Vector drawing behavior, becoming more like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fireworks. The Flash authoring environment enables game, animation, advert and web page feature creation. Using Adobe Flash CS3 we can easily play games while existing on most computers and many mobile phones, the Flash player is also available as a stand-alone player that can be downloaded, or ships from Adobe as part of Flash CS3. The Flash player has become widespread throughout the mobile phone market through its lightweight version called Adobe Flash Lite. Since most of the mobile phones have a built in Adobe Flash Lite, the proponents decided to make a mobile game that will run on this type of mobile phones. Flash Lite is a development technology implemented at the client-side, or user interface layer. Recent changes to ActionScript allow Flash Lite to better integrate with and even compete with device-layer technologies like Java ME and BREW. Flash Lite should not be considered a mobile operating system like Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, or iPhone OS: it is a technology for developing applications that run on a mobile operating system. Flash Lite 1.1 supports Flash 4 ActionScript. Flash Lite 2.0, based on Flash Player 7, supports Flash 7's newer ActionScript 2.0. Flash Lite can add audio and interactive elements without the use of other technologies such as JavaScript. As with Flash, Flash Lite is able to read and redraw external XML content. With this in mind, the proponents have created a game that would help educate the gamers about the historical places in the world. There are many educational games everywhere and is proving to be an effective teaching instrument. With the mobile phone being a popular gadget around...
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