Adn vs. Bsn

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Different Levels of Competency among Nurses
Margie H Aram
Grand Canyon University
NRS430V Professional Dynamics
Dana Martyn
May 03, 2013

Different Levels of Competency among Nurses
Notable differences exist among nurses with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and Baccalaureate Degree of Nursing (BSN) in terms of competency. Simply put, ADN is a “Technical” nurse and BSN is a “Professional” nurse. The ADN is a two-year community college program whereas BSN is a four-year university program. Students in both programs are required to pass a standardized test that evaluates minimal competency in order to obtain a license to practice nursing. Currently, in nursing industry, there is no significant difference between ADN and BSN degrees, and all nurses are required to practice safe patient care (Creasia, 2011). According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, American Organization of Nurse Executives, & National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (1995), all nurses hold the same basic foundation and essential values in nursing, but they practice differently based on their level of competency. With today’s fast paced changes in the healthcare system, consumers and healthcare institutions expect nurses to have the capacity to perform more efficiently and professionally in complex situations or procedures (Hood, Leddy, & Pepper, 2006, p. 162). Nurse with ADN Degree

Mildred Montag developed the ADN program as a temporary solution in response to the shortage of nurses during World War II. Montag intended for an ADN nurse to work under the supervision of a BSN nurse. The ADN program was not intended to replace the entry level of nursing education, however the program became very popular for those who wished to become a registered nurse in a shorter period of time and a less expensive route. Nurses with ADN are trained on clinical skills that allow them to deal with simplistic situations. The ADN nurses are set up for...

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