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Topics: Online shopping, Electronic commerce, Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: February 23, 2013
External Audit
Competitive Profile Matrix
United RentalsHertz Equipment RentalAtlas Copco
Critical Success FactorsWeightRatingScoreRatingScoreRatingScore Advertising0.0520.1030.1530.15
Customer Loyalty0.0530.1530.1520.10
Inventory Cost0.0710.0720.1420.14
Diversified Product Range0.1540.6030.4530.45
Global Expansion 0.1210.1230.3640.48
Supplier Relations0.0420.0820.0830.12
Management Commitment 0.0820.1630.1620.16
Market Share0.0340.1230.0920.06
Information Technology0.0630.1830.1830.18
Equipment Maintenance0.0230.0620.0410.02
Sensitiveness To Market Change 0.0820.1630.2430.24
Online Sales0.0820.1620.1610.08
Brand Image & Awareness0.0730.2130.2120.14
Sales Force0.1030.3020.2030.30

Conclusion: United Rentals has scored lower than its competitors Hertz Equipment Rental and Atlas. United Rentals is especially weak in global expansion as the company only operates in North America. Both Hertz and Atlas have extended their operations in countries such as China, India and Western European countries. In terms of brand image and customer loyalty, United Rentals has a well established consumer base in North America as 90% of the revenue comes from returning customers. Currently United Rentals has the highest market share in the equipment rental industry with 7%; however United Rentals needs to focus on expansion in the global market. Online sales for equipment rental is increasing, however web presence of all three companies’ still lack integration and organization. (United Rentals 2007 Annual Report, 2007)

Strategic Group Map

Conclusion: The factors chosen for the strategic group map are Global Expansion and Brand Recognition. Brand Recognition is based on company’s brand image in the North America market and Global Expansion is based on company’s international operations. Both Hertz and Atlas are ahead...
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