Admire Person

Topics: Learning, Love, Work Pages: 4 (1668 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The person I want to describe is my mother.
She’s 55 years old, medium-built, and she’s about 166 centimetres in height. She has an attractive face and looks younger than her age. She has round face, big eyes, and beautiful eyelashes. She likes wearing casual clothes unless she’s at work when she normally wears lady’s formal wear. My mother works as an accountant in a trade company. She studied accounting at Fudan University and she has always been working as an account since graduation. She’s warm-hearted, open-minded, and always willing to help other people who are in need of help. Although she’s not a young lady anymore, she’s very willing and ready to accept new things. She likes singing, dancing, watching movies, reading, planting flowers at home. She is also a big sports fan, I mean, she likes playing badminton, jogging, cycling. I guess that’s the reason why she is still in very good shape at 55 years old. I think what makes me love my mother the most is that she is so dedicated to the family, that is, she loves my father and me so much. No matter how tired she is after working for a long day, or how many frustrations she has faced herself at work, when she comes back home from her office, she becomes very happy straightaway when seeing my father and me. I guess she has given me so many supports in so many ways…for example, telling me not to give up when I failed to get into university, encouraging me to be a strong person when I didn’t do well in my job interviews, etc. With her blessing, I learnt my way to grow up and finally reach where I am today. I think she’s the most important person in my life. I am very proud of my mother and I love her. I feel so lucky to such a great mother.

I wish I could say there was one person that I admire the most, but truth us there are more than one. One person that comes to mind the most beleive it or not is Angelina Jolie. A celebirty is a funny one to admire... But what i admire of her is the...
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