Administrative Services Manager

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Administrative Services Manager

A representative of the HR Department will go over the terms and conditions of employment at the outset of the orientation program. Not only will this include how to schedule vacation, the procedure to be adopted in the case of sickness, and how to claim expenses, but also, it will trigger the process for honoring the perks and benefits that are part of the new employee’s package. In large organizations, the Human Resource Department may organize a welcome event in which senior managers outline their vision for the business, and future colleagues share their views and experiences. This is helpful to identify the key people in the business, put names to faces, and begin to build a new professional network (BNET Basic, 2008). Educational requirements for these managers vary widely, depending on the size and complexity of the organization. In small organizations, experience may be the only requirement needed to enter a position as office manager. When an opening in administrative services management occurs, the office manager may be promoted to the position based on past performance. In large organizations, however, administrative services managers normally are hired from outside and each position have formal education and experience requirements. Some administrative services managers have advanced degrees. Specific requirements vary by job responsibility. For first-line administrative services managers of secretarial, mailroom, and related support activities, many employers prefer an associate degree in business or management, although a high school diploma may suffice when combined with appropriate experience. For managers of audiovisual, graphics, and other technical activities, postsecondary technical school training is preferred. Managers of highly complex services, such as contract administration, generally need at least a bachelor's degree in business, human resources, or finance. Regardless of major, the...

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