Administrative research paper for LTAC HOSPITAL

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Operational efficacy in any institution is essential to the success of the organizational goals and objectives. Healthcare institutions encounter an increasing challenge in proper utilization of resources, improving care and lowering costs. The reduction of bottlenecks and the implementation of solutions that facilitate efficient elucidations to major challenges allow any business to prosper. However, in Long term acute care (LTAC) hospital facilities for seniors, the assertion is easier said than done. Successful action management is not a ‘one time’ event. Our Lady of the Lake demands rational and accurate decision-making. The capturing, evaluating and improving data is the first phase on the path to prosperity. This research paper examines the fundamental aspects of operational management in an LTAC hospital setting. Our Lady of the Lake is focused on how events will be planned and organized to advertise the hospital and ensure that the community embraces all of the services. Our Lady of The Lake Hospital explores how advertising will be done to increase the publicity of the facility. In conclusion, it explores the purchasing and inventory processes that the Hospital will need in order for its success.

Operation Management
Operation management is focused in dealing with facts to streamline future performance of an organization. Therefore, it is imperative to capitalize on the sizes and accuracy of data collected. The tools that are essential for improving the operation of LTAC are contained in the data collected. The management of the analyzed data is essential in supporting quality decision-making. Inherently, data is determined by the numbers and figures collected. In each series of numbers lies a specific pattern. The recognition of the trends in these series enables one to exploit them in improving the day-to-day operations of the facility (Russell & Taylor, 2010).

The critical phases of ensuring effective operation management in LTAC hospitals include: Setting the objective
Identifying the inherent and potential risks
Defining success criteria in terms of benchmarks
Assessing risks involved in meeting the set success criteria Producing the action plan and setting the timeline
Implementing the action plan
Monitoring and reviewing the outcomes of the plan
The increasingly competitive healthcare industry requires facility management to improve hospital and health systems through the incorporation of innovative operation management strategies utilized in other successful industries such as manufacturing plants and factory floors to get ahead of competition and gain market share through the provision of high quality health services. The Kaizen Technique will be utilized to ensure success in the facility. The technique is widely and successfully used in the manufacturing industry. The approach will comprise of the analysis of the client’s experience from start to finish. This will be a continuous process where relevant and appropriate alterations will be initiated to improve all service aspects. The process starts from the design of the facility, through the organization of surgical supplies and planning of MRIs, to the movement of clients. As the operations gradually improve, the facility will save 3.5 percent per patient annually. The efficacy improvements will enable the hospital serve 40 percent more clients in the next five years. The move will allow the company to circumvent more than $30 million in capital expenditure. Therefore positioning the hospital to have sufficient funds for further expansion. Planning and organizing events

New businesses require marketing regarding their existence, the offering of alternatives, improved services compared to the existing ones and consumer awareness. Community events are among the events that have previously proved successful in engaging the community to ensure that they can identify with...

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