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Administrative Ethnics Paper


An ethical issue in Health Administration is something that disciplines the considerations of what is right and what should be done in the face of insecurity or a conflict about the values. This is a field which supervises non direct care aspects of medicine and deals with responsibilities in navigating what can often be a conflict of the interest between the economic, medical, social and scientific issues that is surrounded by patient care.

The most important ethical issue that is in the medical field is confidentiality that protects the patients’ information which is both private and personal conversations between the doctor and their patient. As before patients medical records were available and accessible to anyone who wanted them. Hospitals these days are safeguarded of the confidentiality of the patient information. A major role of health administrators is maintaining the confidentiality of patient records and other private documents. In 1996, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act created a legal framework which protected the private health information in the United States. The American College of Healthcare Executives provided information in the 2009 confidentiality statement that patients must feel safe and secure about revealing personal information. In return, administrators and providers must have an environment that offers security and protection for their patients. Comprehension and translation plays a major role in the health administration ethics because they have to translate technical as well as scientific concepts to the patients in the various backgrounds, language abilities and beliefs. Health administration is there to make sure that all documents and forms that patient read and fill out are clear and concise and does not have any misinterpretation on it.

Confidential statements are inherent in a democracy which in all countries where individuals are...
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