Administering Medications

Topics: Therapeutic effect, Pharmacology, Routes of administration Pages: 4 (855 words) Published: March 19, 2010
Administering of Medications/Drugs
1. Describe how medications are stored and supplied in healthcare facilities. •Most healthcare facilities have a “med room” or separate area for medications. •The facility may store medications in locked movable carts that allow nurses to prepare medications in close proximity to client’s room. •Some medications require refrigeration to preserve their chemical properties. •Most acute care facilities use some sort of computerized dispensing machine. •In long term care facility, a locked medication cabinet may be within the client’s room or directly outside of it. •All narcotics and other controlled substances are kept double locked.

2. Discuss the importance of documenting medication administration in the medication administration record, the computerized record, or the client’s chart. •Documentation is an important part of medication administration. Actions not documented are considered not to have been done. Proper documentation communicates to other members of the healthcare team which medications were administered and when.

3. Differentiate between STAT, PRN, and HS medications.
STAT means that medication must be administered immediately while PRN means as needed or on request. Medication is an important nursing responsibility that often is learned with experience. HS or Hours of Sleep (Bedtime) Doses or commonly known as sleeping pills.

4. Discuss the importance of the “Five Rights” of medication administration, including steps to observe before administering medications.
Right Client- Ensure that the correct medication is given to the correct client. Direct total attention to giving medications -Check two safety: Always check at least two forms of identification before giving any medications. •Right Medication- Compare and Confirm the medication’s name and dosage with client’s MAR at least three times before administering it. -First Check: Removing the medication...
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