Adler Planetarium

Topics: Earth, Solar System, Impact crater Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: December 2, 2008
Adler Planetarium.
This paper would discuss about the hand on experience that was obtained when I toured the Adler Planetarium located in Chicago and witnessed the exhibits and the show about the “Cosmic Collision”, which was a breathtaking tour around the space. The tour to the planetarium was really a wonderful experience in adding more value and flavor to the wide range of knowledge gained in the class, and it did really help me in grasping the real world experience. The show “Cosmic Collision”, about 20 minutes long and narrated by Robert Redford was a life time experience that portrayed the birth of several important members of our universe. And the Adler’s Definiti Space Theatre features an all digital 360 degrees screen which is about 50 feet high provides an excellent animation of the night sky. The show was a dramatic, action packed adventure with the most immersive simulations that took the audiences a soaring journey into the universe. The narrator took us back in times and explained how the universe looked back at that time. The show was mainly focused on the catastrophic impacts that created our Moon, power our Sun and the impact that ended the giant animal dinosaurs’ life on the earth. The visual and the sound effects was remarkable in providing a real time experience on the explosive collisions and witnessing the birth of our Moon.

The movie first focused on the creation of the moon. Around 4.6 billion years ago our Earth which was at that time around 70 million years old did not really have moon, but due to a collision that happened there came to the existence the moon which we are witnessing at present times. At this point in Earth's early history, a rogue planet, larger than Mars collided catastrophically with enormous speed and pressure with the Earth, throwing many trillions of tons of magma and rock into Earth's orbit, which then cooled and condensed to become the Moon. It took about one and a half day for the moon to form. The...
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