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An Analysis Based on AdlerUniversity of Maryland University CollegeAn Analysis Based on AdlerIntroduction In today’s global business world, great emphases is placed on the demand for managers who are skilled at working in a diverse cultural environment. (Adler, 2008) In the following exercise, “How well do I know my international colleagues?” I will offer lessons learned based on an interview conducted with a coworker from India. Interview questions are focused on family background, career background, and culture. For the purpose of this assignment, my coworker will be named C.R.K. Family Background

C.R.K. was born in India in the early 60s, has three older sisters and is the youngest of four children. Her mother died six years ago and her father died when she was 11 years old. In her younger years, C.R.K. grew up very poor by Indian standards. By the time she was a teen her family moved up to the middle class. Her family was no different than the average Indian family, therefore her family wasn’t highly respected in the community. As a child, C.R.K. grew up in the Lutheran faith but did not become a Christian until 1987 when she came to the United States. Religion is very important to her and she believes in one God; God the father and God the son, Jesus, are one. She adheres to the teachings of Christianity which lays the foundation for how she relates to people regardless of ethnicity, economic background, gender, or sexual orientation. Because of her faith, she feels it’s important to respect everyone she encounters. C.R.K. is a person who is very approachable, accommodating, and always eager to share her experiences or offer advice. Before she came to the United States, C.R.K. studied pre-med. She explained in India, high school ends in the 10th grade and then students move on to advanced studies or college. College is free and entrance into college only requires desire and determination, but only a quarter of the...

References: Adler, N. J. (2008). International dimensions of organizational behavior (5th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.Mithel, M. (2012, June 24). Adapt to conquer. Business Today, 21(13), 124. Retrieved from
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