Topics: Chlorofluorocarbon, Ozone depletion, Ozone Pages: 2 (1157 words) Published: November 4, 2014
Post Box No. 503, Sector 44, Noida 201 303 ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT (ADL-18) ASSIGNMENTSSubject Name Code Environment Management (ADL-18)Study Centre Enroll No. Term/Semester Jan ./ July Date ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTION Total weightage given to these assignments in over all evaluation is 30. (40 when no PCP) All assignments are to be completed preferably in your own hand writing. All questions are required to be attempted. Three assignments i.e A, B C are to be answered. Assignments A will carry Five subjective questions (10 marks). Assignment B will carry three subjective questions with a Case Study (10 marks) and Assignment C will carry Forty objective type questions (10 marks) All the three assignments are to be completed by 30 May and 30 November and mailed / given by hand for evaluation at the ASoDL office Noida / your Study Centre. The evaluated assignments can be collected from your study center / ASoDL Office after Eight weeks. These will be destroyed at the end of each semester if not collected.Pledge I declare on my honour that I have neither copied these assignments nor downloaded through any other source, I further declare that this is totally my own effort. Signature Name Date What are the benefits of ISO 14000 What is EMS Briefly explaining the 17 step process of getting ISO 14001 Certification. What is the role and importance of communication process between the regulatory agencies and the users of environmental resources AMITYSCHOOL OF DISTANCE LEARNING Post Box No. 503, Sector-44 Noida 201303 ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT (ADL-18) CASE STUDY You are incharge of a major chemical plant manufacturing paints. At present the general awareness about the mandatory requirements for chemical industry is very low. Even if the compliance record is maintained, it is not disclosed to all employees, and nobody talks about it. Recently, there was a seminar in the company....
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