Adjusting To Terrorism

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Adjusting to Terrorism
Cielz del Mundo
February 16, 2015
John Parroconni

Adjusting to Terrorism
There are many different government agencies in the United States that help protect and secure the American airports, government buildings, communities, and the nation from any dangerous threats facing the United States of America. The federal bureau of investigation os one of the top agencies that fight international and domestic terrorists and terrorism threats inside and outside of the United States. FBI mission is to lead and coordinate intelligence efforts that drive actions to protect the United States and to develop comprehensive understanding of the threats and penetrate national and networks that have a desire and capacity to harm us.
Terrorism is a high priority in the US for why we have so many agencies to track and prevent attack. Many of us in the society are not ready for a bioterrorism attack, and we need to make some changes on making society feel their nation is prepared in the event of a bioterrorist attack. We need the our medical and health departments especially emergency rooms to be in the front line because medical attention would be needed immediately (Sagun, 2013).
The facilities with fully equipped doctors and medical emergency staff to handle any type or event of a sudden attack. There are people who would do research and come up to many medicine including antibiotics for any incident that there is no cure for. Plan for separation department and where we can do testing and try to use it for cure.
Since 11, 2001, the United States has taken as many precautions as necessary, new acts through the Patriot Act and gone to war. When talking about terrorism, it’s hard to adjust and plan new things. Another changes that could criminal justice agency that combat terrorism more effectively though. One of those changes could be keeping track thousands of foreign nationals that enter this country on a yearly basis. Even though, it’s

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