Adjusting to College Life

Topics: High school, College, Anxiety Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: March 18, 2002
When students are still in high school, college looms in the distance like an ominous cloud. Frankly, all of the students are scared about going to college. When students go to college they feel like going to the great unknown – to go to a place where they don't know anyone. But after all college is not that bad. First of all, the adjustment to college isn't that rough. The staff and students are trained to make the adjustment as easy as possible, and the other students they meet are just as nervous as they are. Their new fellow classmates are just as anxious as you to meet people, so as long as you make the effort, you'll be surprised as to how many people you meet. Meeting people will not be that hard, since most colleges offer a bazillion a lot social events at the beginning of the year. And the friends that students do meet in college you will be surprised as to how close students become to each other. This is mostly due to the fact that they live about twenty feet from them or even closer. Just think how much closer students would be to their friends in school if, to visit them, you just had to walk down the hall at midnight about three doors and walk into their friends bedroom. And you can never hide anything, because the student bedroom could end up becoming the floor social lounge and your bed could end up being the common couch. Basically, college classes are not much more difficult than high school classes. The only major difference is that much of the work for classes is done out of the classroom. In college, classes are usually twelve hours per week and dispersed over three or four days of the week. If you keep up with your work, then students should have no problem getting a B or an A. Many students worry about financial aid. Do not apply to a school because you don't think that you can't afford it. The people at college are trying to help you, and financial aid is one way that they do that. If you don't get enough money from a school, call them and...
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