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The environment is sport’s ultimate playground. At the adidas Group we are committed to environmental leadership and setting the standard for our industry.

The adidas Group Environmental Strategy 2015 is our five-year plan to re-engineer our approach and embed performance improvements across our whole value chain.





Building on existing programmes and leveraging the passion of our people, the Strategy will deliver efficiencies at every stage of the value chain in order to maximise the performance of the whole system.

It is an industry-leading strategy based on rigour, integration and substance.





Holistic: We have analysed our impacts across the value chain and developed the business case for a whole-system approach. Process-driven: Our focus on improving processes results in ongoing and enduring benefits across our operations. Strong governance, clear responsibilities: Dedicated working groups from across the adidas Group are responsible for implementing the strategy. Communication and engagement: Environmental leadership training for managers and internal communication to all employees will drive behaviour change. Fact-based: Building on impacts, risks and opportunities, we will drive measurable environmental improvements. Clear rationale: Implementing this strategy helps us to meet stakeholder concerns, maintain our leadership position and secure competitive advantage.



These improvements are scalable and sustainable.
Our holistic approach means that we are essentially re-engineering the whole system, building in environmental performance to make everything work in a leaner and more efficient way. So in the five years between now and 2015 we are laying the foundations for long-term sustainable environmental performance.

The Strategy directly supports our business performance and helps us build strong connections with our stakeholders. Our customers and consumers value our products for their performance, quality and environmental credentials. Our shareholders invest in our company because they recognise we manage our business profitably and responsibly. Our employees are proud to work for the adidas Group because we operate honestly and empower them to think and act green. We actively shape the industry by sharing best practice and partnering with others to tackle industry-wide environmental issues.

“Implementing environmental

performance across our value chain is an important step to deliver sustainable operations over the long term.” Herbert Hainer, adidas Group CEO

Look behind the Strategy

There are a range of environmental impacts across our value chain. SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE USE: 1. 2. 3. Energy efficiency and climate change Water conservation Materials EMISSIONS: 4. 5. 6. Water discharge Waste Air emissions HAZARDS AND RISKS: 7. 8. Chemicals Soil and groundwater contamination

We have been gathering data on all of these impacts.
We have data in place for many areas of the value chain.

There are a few areas that we are still working on, and gathering the data for these will be a key focus during 2011.

As we get better and better data, we will refine our analysis and targets to ensure we are continuously improving.

We have identified the best ways to improve environmental performance. Our approach is to deliver process improvement across the whole value chain, based around three focal areas.

Best practice process management, measurement and coordination across the whole adidas Group.

Process excellence across the entire value chain from product design, to sourcing, to manufacturing, to retail. SUPPORT FUNCTIONS


Embedding environmental thinking into our dayto-day working practices through effective training,...
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