Adidas Missy Elliot Campaign

Topics: Marketing, Missy Elliott, Advertising Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: April 20, 2009
Adidas roped in the image of Missy Elliot to its brand in 2002 to cater to the new market segment of 12-24 that needed a cool theme to go with the product rather than the utility of the product. Adidas being in the apparel business made more sense if they combined their product with style and fashion and Missy Elliot was the Hip-Hop goddess of the time which had a strong influence on urban style and fashion. Adidas was successful in connecting footwear to style, style to music, music to a diva and diva worship to lifestyle. Adidas tried to segment itself different from Nike, which went well with the sports(basketball(Jordans)) theme and aligned it with youth style and music.

What should they have done?
The Elliot campaign made good use of the mobile as a viral marketing channel to spread brand awareness and get new customers on board on the campaign. Though people were paying for downloading content, it was important that they track the new followers to the store where they can touch and feel the product and experience the brand and desire to own it. More promotional efforts were needed in Elliot’s concerts which could tell the youth clearly that Hip-Hop is here to stay, it’s cool, it defines who you are and “Adidas” is the perfect/required accessory.

What should be done now?
Adidas should segment itself purely in the “fashion” and “urban cool” market. It should delve into other channels that youth are exposed to for entertainment. It could align itself with online gaming (not sports) which youth are into these days in most countries. More quality content should be developed for the mobile marketing channel which is more interactive and could give feedback about new upcoming product launches. Adidas could also focus on the young, teenage women to design apparels for them on a new line as they could relate more to the M.E image. The retail stores should be designed to give the buyer freedom to customize or tweak the product according to his taste and share...
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