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C. Background information:
Adidas, as the multinational and popular sports clothing brand in the world, which has invested enormous capital in hiring spokesperson to promote its brand in its advertisement and campaign. Period of Time

Celebrity Spokesperson
2001 until now

David Beckham
Adidas (Global)
2011 until now
Eason Chan
Ranie Yang
Adidas ( South East Asia Region)
Katy Perry
Adidas Woman Collection
Hebe Tian
Adidas Woman Collection
( South East Asia Region)
Justin Biber
Selena Gomez
Adidas Neo Label
2009 until now
Angelababy Yang
Adidas Neo Label
( South East Asia Region)
Yet, the effect and return of the spokesperson strategy is not significant, when comparing to its competitor which does not hire any spokesperson. There is not much difference base on the popularity among the users of sports footwear and clothing.

When comparing with the brand New balance, which has entirely no celebrity spokerperson. 1986: The company even boldly made a point of it with campaigns that had tag lines like "Endorsed By No One."

Then their average consumer gei age: early 40s

No endorsement gei situation:
In 2008, before the endorsement ban was lifted, the company said it had hoped to get from $1.6 billion in revenue that year to $3 billion by 2012. That's not going to happen. Exact numbers aren't known, as the company is private, but Cavanaugh says the brand is "inching closer" to that $3 billion goal.

people only link them to parents running shoes
→ change
start cooperating with athletes , more like sponsorship with athlets rather than celebrity endorsement
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