Adi Lab Investigation: Photosynthesis

Topics: Water, Mass, Plant Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: December 11, 2012
ADI Lab investigation: Photosynthesis

Introduction and goals:

In our experiment we worked with photosynthesis, which is the process of light energy, CO2 and H2O being turned into food for the plant. CO2+H2O+ Light energy=C6H12O+O2 is the formula for photosynthesis. Our group hypothesis was trying to determine weather o2, water, or the nutrients of the soil determine the mass of the water. The guided question was “Where does the mass that makes up a plant come from?”


During our groups controlled experiment we measured the masses of the soil, plant, and the water we put in the plant. We put 100ml full in each cup when watered. We put a table that compared the change in initial and final in weight (grams). For our dependent variable, we put each plant in different cups. For independent variable we measured the mass of the plant, cup, and soil in grams.


Our claim is that the mass will increase as we water the plant, the plant will also absorb the sunlight. The sunlight gives the plant food that will make it increase in size. We watered plant “A” everyday, watered plant “B” every other day, and plant “C” every 2 days. The process of photosynthesis is when a plant absorbs sunlight, turns it into food, and uses the food as energy. We chose the hypothesis that the mass that makes up a plant comes from the water it absorbs. The initial weight for “A” was 30.4 grams, the eight for “B” was 20.4 grams, and “C” was 31.6 grams. Our theory was that as we added water, the plant would grow based on the amount of water added. The change in mass is validated in the tables below. Change in Mass over Time

|Plant A |Initial |Final |Change in mass | |Bean |1.8g |4.2g |2.4g | |Soil |30.4g...
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