Adhesives and Glue

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I. Purpose
The purpose was to see what glue would work with what substances.

II. Hypothesis
I think that mucilage glue would work the best with paper for all the amount of time. The glue stick would not work that well on wood but pretty good for paper. I think that white glue would not have enough time to dry for the 10 minutes but, when it has enough time to dry it would be hard to take apart.

III. Materials
The materials used were wood, mucilage glue, white glue, glue stick and paper.

IV. Methods
Get 18 pieces of paper, 18 pieces of wood, mucilage glue, white glue and a glue stick
Write the times 10, 20 and 30 minutes on each pair of wood and paper Insert one dot of glue on the paper and wood for 10, 20 and 30 minutes
Wait the amount of time you wrote on the wood and paper
After the time try and pry them apart
Record the results in a table or list
Type of glue
Observation of the adhesives
Bonding surface 10 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes
Glue paper hard hard hard

wood easy easy easy Glue stick paper medium medium hard

wood easy easy easy White glue paper medium hard hard

wood medium hard hard V. Observation

VI. Discussion
The mucilage glue would work well with paper because the paper would soak up the glue and the wood would have to have a lot of glue and time. The glue stick isn’t that wet so it wouldn’t be soaked up by the wood. The white glue is a liquid so it’s sticky but takes time to dry.

VII. Conclusion
I was right when I said that mucilage glue is good on paper. I was right also when I said that, a glue stick is pretty good on paper. I said that the white glue just needed time to dry, so the 10 and 20 minutes for both substances were hard to break apart. Now that you know that what glue is good at sticking what together. For the mucilage glue the paper worked the best. The glue

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