“Adhd and Children Who Are Gifted” Article Critique

Topics: Human behavior, Psychology, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: April 27, 2009
“ADHD and Children Who Are Gifted” Article Critique The authors list out the 14 criteria for ADHD diagnoses. They point out that most of these are present in gifted and talented children, as well. Examples of easily confused criteria could be, “Has difficulty awaiting turns in games or group situations.” and “Often blurts out answers to questions before they have been completed.” The authors also point out that, many times, ADHD is diagnosed simply by teacher/parent descriptions of the child. The authors then list out 6 behaviors associated with ADHD and 6 behaviors associated with gifted and talented, which they consider to be “parallel”. Next, the authors describe how ADHD and gifted and talented differ in certain settings and why the behavior appears in that setting. For example, hyperactivity is something that most people identify with ADHD. But, hyperactivity can also be present in a gifted and talented student, if they are not challenged enough with their work and get bored in class. They point out that gifted and talented children may spend one-fourth to one-half of their regular class time waiting for others to be done. They also point out that ADHD children often have behavior problems in every area of their life (school, home, etc.), but gifted children will only present those problems in certain situations (school). Also, ADHD children seem to be inconsistent in their quality of performance, which gifted and talented children do not seem to be. Lastly, the authors spell out what they think is a proper evaluation and diagnosis or either ADHD or gifted and talented. Proper tests, evaluations, and rating scales can help differentiate between ADHD and gifted and talented. I feel that the authors have a very good point. Looking at the list of criteria for ADHD, I noticed many things that a bored gifted and talented child would show, as well. Being someone who was supposed to be in gifted and talented, I know all too well the restlessness and boredom of...
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