Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Health care Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: December 7, 2013
Annotated Bibliography on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder What Causes ADHD/ADD: Genetics, Lifestyle, Environment, Prenatal Care. (n.d.). WebMD – Better information. Better health. Retrieved September 4, 2013, from According to the WebMD news article, the causes of ADHD are filled with uncertainty. However, the experts believe that there is a strong correlation between ADHD and a genetic component. It appears that children with ADHD have different levels of certain chemicals in the brain. Also, there is an increased risk of having ADHD for babies born with low birth weight as well as children who have been exposed to lead or other environmental infections. Since ADHD beings in early childhood, studies have assumed that ADH tends to run in families. In fact, studies have found that if one or both parents have ADHD, their children are also more likely to develop ADHD. The WebMD News article is reliable since the content of health information are written by the award-winning medical staffs who have professional expertise in medicine, journalism, health communication and content creation. This source is aimed toward for both parents and children who may have interest in learning about the causes of ADHD. Greenan, A. (n.d.) . Attention Deficit Hyperactivitiy Disorder (ADHD). – Putting the care into children’s health. Retrieved September 7, 2013, from

According to the Dr. Greenan’s article, children with ADHD have to regularly meet with medical professionals to work on behavior therapy. Since ADHD is a chronic disorder, planning systemic treatment is important and highly recommended for children, in order to reach target goals and follow a structured daily schedule. Dr. Greenan also pointed out that the “children who receive both behavioral treatment and medication often do the best.” This source is very reliable...
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