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MGMT 4710 Strategic Management
Course Syllabus
First Day of Classes
June 4, 2012 / Mon
Independence Day
July 4, 2012 / Wed
Last Day of Classes
July 5, 2012 / Thur
July 6, 2012 / Fri Required Text: Carpenter, M. & Sanders, G. Strategic Management: Concepts ISBN-10: 0132341409 ISBN-13: 9780132341400, Pearson Prentice Hall etext access
Internet reading/surfing will be assigned via the modules .
A regular reading of business periodicals (e.g., Wall Street Journal/Barron's Fortune, BusinessWeek , Forbes , Financial Times,, Investor's Business Daily, is strongly recommended.
Course Description This course emphasizes the need to integrate the functional activities of the firm in planning corporate objectives and achieving operating results. Students will identify issues and problems of the firm as a whole, explore alternatives, and make decisions which recognize the interrelationships of the functional specialties within the total organization. This course is designed to present strategic management from the point of view of the practicing general manager. It focuses on specific knowledge and skills that are required to understand strategy and the process by which it is developed in business organizations, and provides information on the situation and context in which strategy is formed and implemented. While the course integrates knowledge and skills from previous core course work, you will be learning specific new information and new vocabulary for general management. Thus, students are expected to combine knowledge from previous courses with the material presented here to develop sophisticated interpretations and analyses of business problems and opportunities. Moreover, because this is an online course, I expect you to become a savvy virtual

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