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Test 4 Review

Chapter 10 Review Questions
1. What is essential fat? What is subcutaneous fat? What is visceral fat? Essential- needed for proper functioning of the brain, nerve tissue, bone marrow, heart tissue, and cell membranes; Subcutaneous- helps insulate & protect muscles and bones from injury; Visceral- forms protective structure under abdominal muscles and over stomach & intestine 2. Weight loss occurs when energy intake is ________than energy expenditure. Weight gain occurs when energy intake is _____than energy expenditure. Weight maintenance occurs when energy intake _____ energy expenditure Higher; less; equal

3. How many calories are in 1 pound of fat? Let's assume that Frank needs to eat 2500 calories per day to maintain his weight. If Frank ate 2000 calories a day for 7 days, how many pounds of fat would he lose? 3,500 calories; 500 x 7 = 3,500

4. List 3 causes of rapid weight loss or weight gain.
Very low calorie diets, medications, and high sodium intakes 5. Define the basal metabolic rate. See your power point: List 3 factors that increase BMR. List 3 factors that lower BMR. The number of calories needed to sustain life processes at complete rest 6. List and describe the components of energy expenditure. Basal metabolism- minimal number of calories used for vital physiological activities after fasting and resting for 12 hours; physical activity; TEF- energy used to digest foods and beverages, and absorb and process the nutrients; NEAT- energy spent of involuntary skeletal muscle activity (fidgeting, shivering) 7. What is the BMI? How is it best used? A BMI of _____ is considered obese. Numerical value of relationship between body weight and risk of certain chronic health problems; lbs/in (squared) x 703; 30.0 – 39.9 8. List and describe 3 methods of assessing your body composition. What is a healthy range of % body fat for men? For women? Underwater weighing, skinfold thickness, DXA; 13-21%; 23-31% 9. Why should we measure a person's waist circumference? What is a healthy waist circumference for a man? For women? What are the health risks associated with being an apple shape? To determine central obesity; < 40in; < 35in; high blood pressure & cardiovascular disease 10. Do genetics play a role in the risk for obesity? What is leptin? Can fat cells increase in number? When we lose weight what happens to fat cells? Yes; hormone produced by fat cells that caused reduced food intake, reduced weight, and decreased body fat; yes; size shrink not number 11. Why are moderate weight loss plans recommended? List 3 healthy strategies for weight loss. What are the exercise recommendations for someone who wants to lose weight? Promotes a gradual weight loss equal to 1-2 lbs/week & protects lean body tissue while fat tissue is lost; stop dieting & make a commitment to change your lifestyle, keep records of your daily intake of calories, and focus on whole grains, fruits, and vegetables 12. What is the female athlete triad?

Low energy intake, abnormal menstrual cycles, and bone mineral irregularities Chapter 11 Review Questions
1. See you power point. List the physical activity guidelines for developing physical fitness.  Build cardio respiratory endurance, build muscular strength, and develop and maintain flexibility 2. See your power point. Calculate the THR for a student who is 19 years old. Use the range of 60% and 90% of the max HR. 220 – 19 = 201 x .6 = 120.6; 201 x .9 = 180.9

3. List 3 examples of strength training activities. Define hypertrophy. Define atrophy. Weightlifting, pull-ups, and pushups; muscles increase in size; muscles shrink in size 4. Calculate the protein recommendation for a strength-trained athlete who weighs 200 pounds. List 4 food sources of high quality protein that strength trained athletes could eat to meet their protein needs. 1.2 to 1.4 x 200 or 1.2 to 1.7 x 200; lean meat, poultry, fish, egg whites 5....
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