Adertising Agencies

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Industry Snapshot4
Nature of the Industry5
In-film advertising9
Work Environment10
Personal characteristics11
Employment avenues12
Public service advertising12

Advertising Agency15

History of ad agency17
Advertising Process19
Typical work flow in agency19
Types of advertising agencies20
The functions of an advertising agency:23
The Benefits of Using an Advertising Agency23
Advertising Agency's Role24

Services offered by ad agency25

Departments & Personnel28

Account Services / Account Management28
Account planner / Director28
Account Supervisor29
Account executives29
Creative department30
Art Directors30
Digital Studio34
DTP Artist34
Media Department35
Marketing Research Department37
Creative Services Department38
Event Management and Promotion department38
Traffic Manager (system administrator)38
Radio & TV Broadcast Production Department39
Print Production Department40

Agency Personnel41

Production Team41
Storyboard artist41
Graphic designer42
Advertising interns43

Job Positions and Earnings44

Agency Compensation45

Impact of technology on advertising46

Common software used by ad agency47
Adobe Photoshop48
Autodesk Maya49
Adobe Flash50
Computer-aided design (CAD)52

Famous advertising agencies in world53

Ogilvy & Mather India54

Key people56
Services offered56
Major Clients57

Indian ad legends58

Large vs. Small Agencies62

Workforce for ad agency63

Study / Training & Advancement64

Courses / Institutions66



Myth: An agency always helps to sell a product70

Case study71

Advertising creative75


Bibliography & Webliograpy77


Advertising, generally speaking, is the promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas, usually performed by an identified sponsor. Marketers see advertising as part of an overall promotional strategy. Other components of the promotional mix include publicity, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion.

Advertising involves the process where in a massage is designed so as to promote a product, a thought, an idea or even a service. The concept of advertising has assumed a dynamic form with the use of the various mediums of communication. From the newspaper, magazines, posters, neon and fluorescent signboards, billboards to the commercial on TV, laser shows to inflated high-rise figures and objects, advertising has come a long way. The work is formidable as it spearheads a process intended to attract, modify, change and influences public opinion.

From the local business to multinational firm and all need to advertise. While politicians, social organizations, government special groups need to advertise their motto, national airlines, auto mobile manufactures, food and consumer goods manufacturers have to reach the consumer. Specialist products and services are often advertised through trade magazines and exhibitions. Lately mail-shots, handbill circulation, special offers have become very popular. There are still other ways of advertising. There are window displays, display on telephone directories, transit sign on buses, lamp posters, banners, etc. Advertising through the electronic media has been perhaps the most popular medium.

Advertising, as an effective medium, uses a variety of techniques to create effective advertisements. A basic appeal is at the heart of advertising. Slogans and product characters are created to catch the attention of the viewers. Most winning advertisements would encompass factual information with...
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