Adeline Is Not Worthless

Topics: Begging, Sibling, Homelessness Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: January 17, 2013
In the Chinese Cinderella, Niang, father and her siblings mistreated and even neglect Adeline. And it seems like her family thinks that Adeline is worthless. But actually, Adeline not worthless because she has things that other siblings don’t have.

Firstly one of things that Adeline has but other siblings don’t have is that Adeline is very intelligent but modest. First of all, in the beginning of the story, Adeline tops her class and got medals from the school. But not only that after moving to Shanghai she also got a medal for topping all the subject. And even after she moved back to Tianjin again, she learned English very quickly and topped her class after skipping some grades. Secondly, she is modest because when she had speech to be a class president, in page 119, Adeline said; “Wu Chun-mei has nominated me as a candidate for class president. She doesn’t know this but I think she should be the candidate instead of me… Compared to her, I am no one.” This quote tells me that Adeline deserves to be a class president but she is being modest. Lastly, in chapter 21, we can find another example of Adeline being modest. In page 220, when she wins the play-writing competition, father asks how she won the competition. And Adeline modestly says that “Well, the rules and regulations were so very complicated. One really has to be dedicated just to understand what they want. Perhaps I was the only one determined enough to enter and there were no other competitors!” And this is another example of Adeline is intelligent but being modest.

Secondly, another thing that Adeline has but other siblings don’t is the courage. First of all, even though Adeline is scared of Niang she dared to stand against her, and say what she thinks is right. In page 39, when Niang was beating Little Sister, Adeline said, ” Don’t beat her anymore. She is only a baby.” And from this quote you can see that Adeline was brave enough to stand against Niang whereas no one else dared to...
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