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Addressing the Issue of Childhood Obesity

By cheryl39 Jan 23, 2011 2065 Words
Addressing the Issue of Childhood Obesity
Shabreka Ray
ENG122: English Composition II
Instructor: Karen McFarland
December 10, 2010

Childhood Obesity health issue is on the rise rapidly in the United States. The health issues include; type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and stress. Childhood obesity has been a big topic for First Lady Michelle Obama. On February 09, 2010 Michelle Obama, told Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, “We want to eliminate this problem of childhood obesity in a generation. We want to get that done.” The cost of the illness by childhood obesity is 150 billion dollars a year to be treated. I believe that a balance diet will help reduce the health issues associated with childhood obesity because it is worth saving the future of our children (Obama, 2010). Childhood obesity is a highly profiled health issue among our kids today and our future generation. The federal government has a role too; President Obama signed a presidential memorandum to create the first-ever federal task force to provide “optimal coordination” between private sector companies, not-for-profits, agencies within the government and other organizations to address the problem of childhood obesity. “We think that this has enormous promise in improving the health of our children, in giving support to parents to make the kinds of healthy choices that oftentimes are very difficult in this kind of environment” (Obama, 2010). Obesity in children is a growing epidemic in the world today and we need to take charge of our kid’s health. Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects our children and adolescents. Obesity occur when children is considered to be over the normal average weight. This will become a battle in organizing groups and forming meetings to take charge of our kids health. "The prevalence of obesity among children ages 6 to 11 years has more than doubled, “and more than tripled in adolescents ages 12 to 19. Organizations such as the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Obesity Association (AOA) have amassed the numbers on this disturbing epidemic: 30.3% of kids ages 6 to 11 are overweight, 15.3% are classified as obese, and for adolescents, 30.4% are estimated to be overweight and 15.5% obese. Multiple factors come into play, making ultimate victory over this problem something that demands a multifaceted attack. Here, Schwager discusses childhood obesity and looks at how to defeat it (Schwager, 2010). By actually putting his discussion to use would gave them good suggestions, the groups will need to follow them accurately in order to succeed in their goal. This paper presents a research proposal for developing and organizing a plan to help eliminate the health issue of childhood obesity. Eliminating childhood obesity will require a lot of attention from the parent. The plan will help reduce some risk of developing childhood obesity which is a medical condition that affects children and adolescents. It is very important to inform people of the health risks childhood obesity may cause. The improvement begins in the homes, which is preparing healthy meals and getting plenty of exercise on a daily basis. Obesity in children contributes to respiratory disease in a number of ways. Overweight has been associated with significantly more severe symptomatology in asthmatic subject (Luder et al., 1998). Asthmatic children with high BMI had significantly lower peak expiratory rates than those with lower BMIs. (Burniat, Lissau, & Cole, 2002). p 160. Childhood obesity can lead to death, which is a devastating thing that can occur. Childhood obese can be defined as a genetic disorder. Prader-Willi Syndrome is a genetic condition which

causes the sufferer to have an excessive appetite eventually leading to obesity. Prader-Willi Syndrome is a complex disorder with a genetic cause which is present in an affected individual from birth. This disorder is just one of several medical conditions that results in the sufferer having a greater likelihood of become obese (Heaton-Harris, N. 2009). Some other problems cause by childhood obesity is low self-esteem, depression and being bullied by fellow students. Being obese can also affect them socially and emotionally. The stress of being overweight can affect a child’s self esteem. Low self esteem can influence their academics and social skills in school or life as well. There are still many people who do not realize childhood obesity is a serious problem. Behavior and learning problems in overweight children tend to have more anxiety and poorer social skills than normal-weight children have. At one extreme, these problems may lead overweight children to act out and disrupt their classrooms. At the other, they may cause overweight children to socially withdraw. Stress and anxiety also interfere with learning. School-related anxiety can create a vicious cycle in which ever-growing worry fuels ever-declining academic performance (Mayo Clinic, 2010). These things may continue on into adulthood if behaviors are not changed. These health problems develop in childhood and afflict an obese individual throughout his or her lifetime. Today people are living in an economy of struggling times both parents have to work everyone need to take the time make decisions for our kids health. Taking control of this disease, means everybody becoming more involved in their kids activities, by walking with them, riding bikes

and taking them to the park. Our kids spend more time watching television and playing video games which makes them a high risk of becoming overweight. This is a true fact because; I have kids of my own, my nephews and their friends sit around all day playing the video game. They seem to get plenty of exercise from playing football and doing daily activities. The television and cell phone needs to have a time limit during the week. The video games would only be played on the weekend with a time limit. The cell phone I think will be the biggest headache to deal with, being a caring parent we have to be strong and not cave in. Making that decision ourselves, to insure the best health for our kids. In the homes parents reward their kids with treats for doing well in school or winning family games. Some family may take the weekend for family night going out to a restaurant; the kids will have a variety of unhealthy foods to choose from. Schools have vending machines and the kids will be getting unhealthy snacks that are not nutrious for them. The television plays a role in food indulging to them; they are always advertising delicious looking food with good prices. Being overweight is not a punishment. People have often talked about people who are fat, and thinking of them as out of shape blob or even nasty. Obese people are just the same as you and me they have normal lives and activities. Every person thinks the same, there are some things that we can change and cannot change, and all we could do is to just live with it. Obese people cannot live their lives worry about what people think about them, even though there are some ruled people in this world. People can make them feel so worthless and all they can do is live normal.

Children need to have a well balance diet such as fruits and vegetables. Fast food and any sugary drinks causes obese in children. Designing a way to approach the problem and controlling it require a public system to put effort into getting involved in their kids life in order to take control of childhood obesity. Coming up with a system to define ways kids will not be able to purchase or get their hands on unhealthy food or drinks will be a great start. Making it a law, so kids would not able to purchase fast food or soda’s unless they are eighteen years old or older. Our kids only need to have nutritional foods in schools and in the home. We need to have a special group of social workers going into the homes monitoring families weekly making sure healthy food is in the home. The parents and kids will have to take classes once every two weeks to learn the importance of eating healthy and getting physical exercise to control childhood obesity. When the parents and children choose not to follow these rules they will have to face the consequences. By teaching the kids what types of food to buy that is healthy for them will help in the long run. When the kids leave home they will know the importance of eating healthy and their kids in the near future will benefit to, because it would become a healthy habit. Some people believe that childhood obesity is considered to be child abuse. I think taking childhood obesity serious would be a wise decision for parents and our society to consider. Joanna Dolgoff, M.D. blog; ask, Should Child Obesity Be Considered Child Abuse? A South Carolina woman was charged with criminal neglect when her fourteen year old son reached a shocking five hundred and fifty-five pounds. I am sure that many of you can understand the charge because the example is so egregious. How do we know this is really the mother’s fault?

And if we do decide to charge parents of obese kids with child abuse, where do we draw the line? As a Pediatrician and Child Obesity Expert, I see a wide range of overweight children. Some patients are simply ten pounds overweight while others are more than one hundred pounds overweight. How do you decide who to charge with criminal neglect? (Joanna Dolgoffd, 2010). I think characterizing childhood obesity as child abuse is ridiculously, because the parents maybe doing a fine job in raising their kids. I stress again parents need to get involved more in what their children eat and take control of childhood obesity. If the parent address the problem before it get out of control and stop being in denial the problem would be easy to control. The groups of social workers interact with the parents and children to see how the problem occurred and how it can be resolved. By doing so maybe this will rule out childhood obesity as being a part of child abuse. Some of the kids we could see childhood obesity being a genetic disorder; we need to learned how to help the family cope with it and control it. One thing to always remember it does not matter how big our small the problem maybe there is always a way to accomplish something. When Schwager said, “multiple factors come into play, making ultimate victory over this problem something that demands a multifaceted attack (Schwager, 2010). You have to take control of the situation attack it with demand taking that desire back to breathe again without having an asthma attack. Take your life back with honor and don’t let the disease childhood obesity or any other disease defeat you. You have the power to defeat anything all it takes is putting a little effort into it and just imagine what could be accomplished.

The conclusion of this proposal is to develop and organize a plan that will help eliminate the health issues of childhood obesity. Helping the parents and children understand how serious the medical condition is and learning how to take defensive actions against childhood obesity. A family that interacts with another, no matter what the problem maybe has better relationship in dealing with issues.


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