Addressing Selection Criteria

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Understanding and Addressing Selection Criteria

You’re thinking of applying for a job at a government department, with a private sector organisation or for a graduate recruitment program. The advertisement advises you to address all selection criteria. What does this mean, and what do you do?

The Careers Counsellors at UWS Careers & Employment have written this article to help you to understand and address selection criteria. Being able to address selection criteria effectively will assist you in putting together your application, which may include a statement of claims addressing the selection criteria, as well as your resume and cover letter. The situations you choose to demonstrate your effective addressing of selection criteria will also help to prepare you for interviews.

This article covers the following:

* What are selection criteria, and why do employers ask you to address them?
This includes a section on essential and desirable criteria.2 * Selection criteria and the job advertisement.3
* The enquiry phone call or email.3
* The information pack.4
* What to do next.4
* The application.4
* Statement of claims addressing the selection criteria.4 * The STAR model for addressing selection criteria.5
* Examples of selection criteria and possible responses using the STAR Model.
This includes a section on how long answers could be.5
* Some words to use and avoid.7
* An alternative to the STAR model for the addressing of selection criteria.8 * If you don’t meet all the selection criteria.8
* Your resume and cover letter.9
* Advertisements not requiring the formal addressing of selection criteria.9 * The next step.10
* Interview preparation and selection criteria.10
* The interview .10
* Useful Resources10

This article refers briefly to resumes, cover letters and interviews; however, there’s more information on these areas in UWS Careers & Cooperative Education articles dedicated to these subjects. You’ll find a list of resources at the end of this article.

What are selection criteria, and why do employers ask you to address them?

What are selection criteria?

Selection criteria are the important elements or requirements of a role that employers consider when they’re recruiting for that position. Selection criteria describe the level of knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience required to perform a particular role well and are often listed in job advertisements and related documentation. So when you apply for a job, your application is measured against the selection criteria for that job. Examples of selection criteria include ‘effective teamwork skills’, ‘highly-developed time management proficiency’, ‘a high level of computer literacy’, and ‘awareness of Occupational Health & Safety requirements’. Selection criteria are particularly obvious in advertisements for government jobs, but you’ll also see them in advertisements for private sector roles.

It was Government employers who originally placed the greatest emphasis on the formal addressing of a selection criteria list, but more and more private sector organisations have followed their lead. The addressing of selection criteria is also often required for many graduate recruitment program applications. With more and more organisations asking applicants to meet the conditions of selection criteria, it’s in your interests to know how to do this well. This means tailoring your response to the role you are applying for. Being able to supply an organised and targeted response to an advertised position can certainly reap rewards, even if you have not been asked to formally address list of selection criteria. This is because you have made it easier for a prospective employer to understand your capabilities.

Some organisations (eg government departments) distinguish...
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