Addressing Challenges in Groups and Teams

Topics: Management, Computer program Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: August 19, 2009
{text:bookmark-start} Addressing Challenges in Groups and Teams {text:bookmark-end} Training programs are a part of organizations around the world. When faced with implementing a new program, training new employees and teams, the best approach is to develop a training program. Training programs are based on a set of information for development of skills, understanding of structure and policies that can be easily communicated. In order for teams to effectively collaborate, the must communicate. Communication and collaboration calls for conflict management and this is why training programs are needed. Learning Team D will show that in order to achieve effective communication, collaboration, and effective conflict management for teams, a standard training program must be put in place. For teams to be effective they must have a clear understanding of all strengths and weakness associated with each team member. Team members will be required to fill out a team charter. The team charter consists of each members contact information. It will also be required to list a brief work history and skill strengths such as computer programs (excel, power point) and writing skills. Each team member is required to list former projects they have worked on and what role they played. Team members with similar experiences will be place together. This will allow for better collaboration to build on their similar interest and backgrounds. Team members will be made aware that they are responsible to every member of the team and that failure to communicate or actively participate in team meetings or discussions will result in being removed from the team. All team members must agree to all rules set forth prior to beginning any project. Team collaboration is very important in order to stay informed as to how the project is moving forward. This training program requires the use of an action plans. Action plans state who is assigned to what task, what the next action step is and when...
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