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15 January – About 6 million are unemployed in Germany. 25 February – Adolf Hitler obtains German citizenship by naturalization, opening the opportunity for him to run in the 1932 election for Reichspräsident. 10 April – Paul von Hindenburg is elected president of Germany. 30 May – Chancellor Heinrich Brüning resigns. President Hindenburg asks Franz von Papen to form a new government. 14 June – Bans against the SS and SA are overturned.

17 July – Altona Bloody Sunday: In Altona, armed communists attack a National Socialist demonstration; 18 are killed. Many other political street fights follow. 30 August – Hermann Göring is elected as chairman of the German Senate.

November 12th 1932
Herrn Martin Schulse
Schloss Rantzenburg
Munich, Germany

My Dear Martin:
The impecunious young artist has now become the family benefactor, and that too will give you a quiet little triumph. The business continues to go well. Mrs. Levine has bought the small Picasso at our price, for which I congratulate myself, and I have old Mrs. Fleshman playing with the notion of the hideous Madonna. No one ever bothers to tell her that any particular piece of hers is bad, because they are all so bad. However I lack your fine touch in selling to the old Jewish matrons. I can persuade them of the excellence of the investment, but you alone had the fine spiritual approach to a piece of art that unarmed them. Besides they probably never entirely trust another Jew.

A delightful letter came yesterday from Griselle. She writes that she is about to make me proud of my little sister. She has the lead in anew play in Vienna and the notices are excellent — her discouraging years with the small companies are beginning to bear fruit. Poor child, it has not been easy for her, but she has never complained. She has a fine spirit, as well as beauty, and I hope the talent as well. She asked about you, Martin, in a very friendly way. There is no bitterness left there, for that passes quickly when one is young as she is. A few years and there is only a memory of the hurt, and of course neither of you was to be blamed. Those things are like quick storms, for a moment you are drenched and blasted, and you are so wholly helpless before them. But then the sun comes, and although you have neither quite forgotten, there remains only gentleness and no sorrow. You would not have had it otherwise, nor would I. I have not written Griselle that you are in Europe but perhaps I shall if you think it wise, for she does not make friends easily and I know she would be glad to feel that friends are not far away. Fourteen years since the war! Did you mark the date? What a long way we have travelled, as peoples, from that bitterness! Again, my dear Martin, let me embrace you in spirit, and with the most affectionate remembrances to Elsa and the boys, believe me, Your ever most faithful,


21 November – President Hindenburg begins negotiations with Adolf Hitler about the formation of a new government. 3 December – President Hindenburg names Kurt von Schleicher as German chancellor.

December 10, 1932
Mr. Max Eisenstein
Schulse-Eisenstein Galleries
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Max, Dear Old Fellow:
The check and accounts came through promptly, for which my thanks. You need not send me such details of the business. You know how I am in accord with your methods, and here at Munich I am in a rush of new activities. We are established, but what turmoil! The house, as you know, I had long in mind. And I got it at an amazing bargain. Thirty rooms and about ten acres of park; you would never believe it. But then, you could not appreciate how poor is now this sad land of mine. The servants' quarters, stables and outbuildings are most extensive, and would you believe it, we employ now ten servants for the same wages of our two in the San Francisco home. The tapestries and pieces we shipped make a rich show and some other fine...
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