Additive Manufacturing

Topics: Selective laser sintering, Rapid prototyping, 3D scanner Pages: 4 (1123 words) Published: May 6, 2013

Additive technology is the process of making a product by constantly adding layers and objects. A modern example of this is a three dimensional solid. In the last few years, the open source theories and movement has had a large influence on this new style of innovation. Open-source in an object/idea/information that can be used, reedited, modified for free.

One example of this is Arduino. (Arduino Homepage, see Source 1). Arduino is an open-source micro-controller. All of the codes applicable for the micro-controller are free to view and download from the Arduino main site. In addition, you can optimize it. Moreover, the Arduino has instructions to make its own micro controller on its website. This allows people to make the micro controller and optimize it for their own benefits. Moreover, it has many partner applications such as Fritzing. Fritzing(Fritzing, see Source 2) is an application which enables Arduino Users. Fritzing is an application used to share circuits and codes with people. Fritzing enables you to crowd source your project with other people. As a result, it enables other people to evaluate your innovation or learn from it.

The David Laser Scanner is a 3D scanning software (David laser scanner, 3) made by a German scientist. A webcam is attached to the computer. White screens must cover the object. Than a small laser blue or green laser light is shone up and down a desired object. The David laser scanner software sends back data to the computer and visualizes the object. This can be exported to a variety of files for 3d printing. The object can later be optimized to have more features. As a result, a person can optimize any of the objects at home for his own purpose. e.g. If you have a lamp and you want to optimize the structure a little bit, than you can accurately get the original structure accurately by using the 3D scanner. Then you can print it out. In addition, if you are inspired by a design or a bunch of designs than...

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