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This chapter is presented in three sections. The first section reviews the literature pertaining to role, importance of recruitment sources and perceived advantages and disadvantages of erecruitment. A diverse range of studies have been conducted by various scholars, which present different perspectives with regard to the role of recruitment, recruitment sources, the process of recruitment and importance given to e-recruitment in the organisations. Of late, perceived usage of e-recruitment at present and scope in future have been explored by many researchers. Through an overview of selected studies in the above areas an attempt has been made to bring out the essential parameters that govern e-recruitment, as considered relevant to the present study in Hospitality and Healthcare services.

The second section summarises the literature reviewed on e-recruitment and its impact on human resource supply chain management in providing quality of applicants, time and cost taken, and wider choice of applicants. The linkages between e-recruitment and its impact are explored by review of various studies conducted in this field. The third section focuses on employee job search behaviour in context of e-recruitment. In this section research studies regarding employee job search behaviour as they apply to erecruitment have been reviewed. Research evidence regarding appropriateness of various services provided by the e-recruitment with special emphasis on company’s website and job boards have been investigated and their implications in taking decision on searching jobs online have also been reviewed

The latter two sections elaborate the hypotheses developed and conceptual model of the study based on the review of literature and the theoretical frame work underlying study.


There is a voluminous research base and bewildering volume of advice to guide the personnel practitioner on almost every other aspect of the recruitment role and the importance of recruitment process, yet if one peruses reviews of recruitment research [13, 25, 196, 225], one finds a mix of optimism and pessimism [26]. An extensive review of literature brings out following findings:

In one of the earlier studies, Gannon (1971) examined the relationship between several methods by which individuals heard about job openings and voluntary turnover. Among his findings, individuals who were referred by a current employee or who had applied directly (“walk-ins”) without knowing if there were job openings were less likely to quit than individuals who responded to job advertisements or who were referred by an employment agency [77].

Barron, Bishop, and Dunkelberg (1985) in their study distinguished between an intensive margin and an extensive margin of employer search. The intensive search involves the gathering of relevant information on the applicants concerned, while the extensive search refers to the number of applicants interviewed before the job is offered. The authors related both types of search to the amount of training to be provided, to the hiring standards and to a number of firm’s characteristics (size and economic sector). It is interesting that on this topic the economic and personnel management approaches appear to agree that recruitment channels have an impact on the result of recruitment in terms of both duration and productivity [16]. Ours and Ridder (1992) introduced a novel method to test the hypothesis that firms search sequentially based (in which applicants are screened as they show up) on the relationship between the number of (rejected) job applicants and the number of employees hired. The author used data compiled from filled vacancies for the Netherlands. Different types of search methods were distinguished. The results implied that...
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