Addition of Force Vectors

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Addition of Force Vectors


The purpose, of this experiment, was to prove that there is a relation between the magnitude of the resulting vector, and the angle between the vectors that are being added. The test was performed by creating a balance between three weights tied to strings on a pulley that transferred the string on top of a graduated disc, which made easy the measurement of the angles between them. After performing the experiment, my group concluded that there is a relation between the angle between the vectors and the magnitude of the resulting vector.


Physics deals with the study of properties such as forces; these properties are represented not only by a magnitude, but by a direction as well. One of the tools that physics use to represent forces is the vector. In order to have a better understanding of the addition and subtraction of vectors, an experiment was performed. The experiment enabled us to see the relation between the angles and the magnitudes of vectors when they are added.


The procedure was as follows:

1.First choose two weights and hag them from a string that was lied on a pulley and tied to a ring placed at the center of the graduated disc. Note: for this step the ring was secured with a pin. 2.The strings were placed in a desired angle.

3.A third weight was tied to a string going in an opposite direction from the two that had already been placed. 4.More weight was added to the third string until the forces are balanced. 5.Measure the angles and weights of the vectors.

6.Repeat the procedure five times to verify that it is reproducible. 7.Record the averages of the measurements, and calculate the resulting vectors with the formula. 8.Analyze and get a conclusion
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