Adding a Scope to Windows 2008 Server

Topics: IP address, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Subnetwork Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: March 16, 2011
The same scope should exist on both the main DHCP server (Sea-It-Srv1) and the backup DHCP server (Sea-It-Sub2). However, because the backup DHCP server exists on a different subnet, it should only provide 20 percent of the addresses (and exclude the other 80 percent), while the main DHCP server should provide 80 percent of the addresses (and exclude the other 20 percent). Complete the following general steps to configure the DHCP solution for this lab: 1.Create the Building 1 (include the space between "Building" and "1") scope on Sea-It-Sub2 for addresses to Exclude addresses to 2.Activate the scope.

3.Add the Sea-It-Srv1 server to the DHCP console.
4.Create an exclusion on Sea-It-Srv1 for addresses to Following are the steps an expert might use to complete this lab. Create a Scope
1.In the DHCP management console, open the DHCP server.
2.Right-click the protocol for which you wish to create the scope and choose New Scope.... 3.Click Next to start the New Scope wizard.
4.Name the scope, then click Next.
5.Type a start IP address and an end IP address.
6.Set the subnet mask by typing the mask value (example: or typing the number of subnet mask bits (example: 24) in the Length field. 7.Click Next.
8.Type the starting and ending IP address for any exclusions. (Note: To exclude a single address, type the start address but leave the end address blank.) Click Add. 9.Click Next when you have defined all required exclusions. 10.Configure the lease duration. Click Next.

11.Select the No, I will configure these options later option to postpone configuring other DHCP options, then click Next. 12.Click the Finish button to close the wizard and create the scope. If you do not configure additional options, you must manually activate the scope. Activate a Scope

Before the new DHCP server will distribute addresses for a scope, you...
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