Addictive Virus

Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, 2008 albums Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: September 25, 2005
Have you ever been consumed by something that nothing in life really matters except what you are doing? Well I have, and when I read the "Addictive Virus", I felt as though I could relate this topic to me. When Graaf spoke about the concept of how people are consumed by this so called virus, no matter what the circumstance, the people will do whatever it takes. I feel as though I fit that category, and are consumed by these evil powers of this growing problem in today's modern lifestyle.

In Graaf's short information section about this issue, he speaks about the problems dealing with shopping, Graaf says "they're buying far too much stuff and for all the wrong reasons"(71). He sees a growing trend within shoppers. This trend being that of buying and not really liking it. Basically, people are just trying to impress the people around them. Someday this habit will catch up to that person when they least expect it; all because they were just trying to impress another person or trying to fit in with everyone else. But, I can not be the judge of other people for I' am also guilty of this same crime.

I often find myself staying up late at night doing my homework. I do this because of my addictiveness to video games. This horrible trait often leaves me up past one or two in the morning. I' am currently trying to control this addiction, but I'm struggling with it. It's a horrible habit to have I know, but for some reason I keep going back to those games as a source to get away from life for those few couple of hours. Even though I try hard to let go of them and take a break to do my homework, they still call my name as I work on my homework. Even before writing this paper I started playing video games, it was like the addiction was controlling me to do so. Just like I said about the shoppers in today's society, not getting enough sleep will catch up to me one way or another.

There are plenty of other addictions that consume people into thinking that that is the...
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