Addiction: Is there a perfect treatment

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Alcoholism Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Addiction: Is there a perfect treatment
There are many types of drug and/or alcohol treatments that are available today. Even the “most effective treatment” might be helpful to one addict, and be of no help to another. No matter what course of treatment an addict chooses, whether it is based on the newest scientific evidence”, 12 step groups, therapy or any other method, there is simply no “one size fits all”. Addiction is a choice, it is not a disease. When an addict comes to the realization that they are ultimately the one in charge of beating their addiction, it is just a matter of choice (and determination) to end it. There are many treatment plans available. Every addict is different and is going to have a different form of treatment that works better for them. Some addicts are able to recover on their own and some need help and require more intensive treatment. There are people that think that the only way to get the proper treatment is in the more high-end rehab centers. These are some of the centers that we see celebrities using and having to return to because they are not getting the right help they need. There are many low cost clinics that seem to have more success in helping addicts. A lot of times, addicts have a hard time admitting to themselves that they have a problem, but sometimes the symptoms of having an addiction are not recognizable to the addict or to the people around them. So, the first step, I think, to the road to recovery should start with recognizing and acknowledging that they do indeed have a problem. The sooner the problem or condition is addressed, the better chance the person has in finding a way to cope with the problem and begin the recovery process. However, some addicts will deny to themselves and to others that they have a problem, and thus, do not think they need help, until it is too late. I believe the longer a person is in the addictive state, whether they acknowledge it or not, the harder it will be...
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