Addiction for Plastic Surgeries

Topics: Plastic surgery, Medicine, Surgery Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: June 25, 2013

1. Introduction
2. Discussion
* review of literature
* effects of plastic surgery addiction
* personal opinion
3. Conclusion

Plastic surgery is a medical field that deals with reshaping some body deformities that may have occurred due to birth defects or accidents. It is also used for other purposes such as treating diseases and beauty purposes. An example of a disease which can be treated through plastic surgery is melanoma. If plastic surgery is carried out for younger looks or beauty purposes, it is referred to as cosmetic surgery. This paper will directly address the issue of cosmetic surgery since it is what has caused plastic surgeries addiction all over the world. Cosmetic surgeries are never related to any medical condition and are normally done to enhance the physical appearance of an individual. Cosmetic surgery addicts are easily identifiable due to the numerous surgeries they undergo each time claiming that they are not happy with their looks. Many victims of cosmetic surgery suffer from a medical condition known as Body Dimorphic Disorder (BDD). This mental disorder has made people imagine that they look different from others and there is a need for surgery so that they can improve their looks. Discussion

Cosmetic surgery is a major problem today as a number of people who are addicted to it are doing it repeatedly in order to achieve their imaginary beauty. This practice is becoming frequent and in many instances it is affecting women as they try to change and improve their physical appearances. The problem with such kind of people only exists in their mind because it is hard to view yourself as being ugly from others, it is only a perception. If you view yourself as being ugly from others, the problem will never end even if you undergo so many plastic surgeries. This perception will directly influence the level of your happiness...

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