Addiction Counselor

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Addictions Counselor; Substance Abuse and Behavioral Counselors
Samuel Wilson

Addictions Counselor; Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors

The Human Service Career of Addiction Counseling has inspired me to learn all I can to help people, and has given me the opportunity to make an honest living. I was in desperate need of a behavior and attitude change about my life, for I have received the information from others in the field and made a conscious decision to help others who have a desire for change and a new way of life. Substance abuse counselors advise people who have alcoholism or other types of addiction, behavioral problems, or help the client recover from addiction by providing treatment and support. Substance abuse counselors and behavior disorder counselors do the following: Help people in treatment centers, jails, institutions with mental and physical, addiction or problem behavior. In these settings they assist people develop treatment goals and plans. They help people with family problems. Help people with behavioral and attitude to recover from their addiction. Work with families about addiction or behavioral disorders, and help them develop strategies to cope with those problems. Refer people to other resources or services, such as job placement services and support groups. The support groups of Narcotic’s Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous are just a couple of positive resources addicts in recovery attend. There are a number of career centers located in metropolitan areas which help people with job placement or assist them to obtain the skills to get a job.
Addiction counselors also work with other health and mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists, social workers, doctors, and nurses. They work in places that employ many types of healthcare and mental health professionals. Addiction treatment counselors may work in teams to best develop a treatment plan and coordinate the suggested care

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