Addiction Aftercare

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1. Support Systems Homes.
Continuing support upon completion of drug and alcohol treatment is the key to a healthy recovery from addiction. Aftercare program consists of a weekly group facilitated by an experienced counselor who helps guide clients in their recovery efforts, assisting them in meeting the goals contained in their continuing care plans. Graduates of our programs are also encouraged to attend Alumni meetings and events. Alumni Association activities include quarterly picnics, activities, and sponsorship for new clients.  Aftercare, or continuing care, is the stage following discharge, when the client no longer requires services at the intensity required during primary treatment. A client is able to function using a self-directed plan, which includes minimal interaction with a counselor. Counselor interaction takes on a monitoring function. Clients continue to reorient their behavior to the ongoing reality of a pro-social, sober lifestyle. Aftercare can occur in a variety of settings, such as periodic outpatient aftercare, relapse/recovery groups, 12-Step and self-help groups, and halfway houses. Whether individuals completed primary treatment in a residential or outpatient program, they have at least some of the skills to maintain sobriety and begin work on remediating various areas of their lives. Work is intrapersonal and interpersonal as well as environmental. Areas that relate to environmental issues, such as vocational rehabilitation, finding employment, and securing safe housing, fall within the purview of case management. 2. GREENSTONE YORKVILLE

Relapse can occur in any person suffering from any chronic illness, including addiction. Extensive research indicates that the best treatment outcomes for continued recovery include a 12-month aftercare program. GreeneStone Yorkville offers individual counselling services, couple, family and group counselling for those who have completed a residential treatment program and wish to enhance their plan...
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