Topics: Ecology, Ecosystem, Invasive species Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: February 27, 2013
My neighbors
Environmental Science
Dena Schwochert

The time went fast as I learned about the preservation of land. I live in Mequon, Wisconsin. For about 15 years I have lived across a vacant acre of land on Mequon road. As the season’s pass by I watched various types of birds fly from the trees and visualize the paw prints in the snow of the fox and other animals that live or pass through. There are also many different species of plants and trees that grow on the vacant land. I sometimes will see neighbors cutting some of the dried plants in fall. And in spring the birds and rabbits are flying and jumping all over. I volunteered for a couple of places this year. The city of Mequon always needs volunteers and many of the senior citizens in the area need help in spring clean up. During the last 6 weeks I have looked at environment science more in-dept and it changed the way I think and look at the land across the street. This class has made me aware of all the different ways that the community and its physical environment work. Mequon, Wisconsin is supporting of the preservation of the disappearing ecosystem, which is a substantial part of pre-settlement Mequon consisted of Old Growth Forest. Most Old Growth Forest has been destroyed and the portions of Old Growth Forest that remains are now part of a disappearing ecosystem. Preservation is essential, because regeneration of forest of this caliber can take 150 years, provided that conditions exist within which the forest was originally formed ( Trees and woodlands help to reduce storm water runoff and erosion, replenish ground water supplies, preserve and enhance nesting areas for birds and other wildlife which in turn assist in the control of insects, provide wildlife habitats, ameliorate air pollution, enhance and preserve air quality, assist in maintaining symbiotic relationships between plants and animals, moderate climate, reduce noise and glare, protect and increase...

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