Adayana Outsoursing

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Adayana Outsourcing
Phyllis E. Johnson
Grantham University

In today’s global economy the practice of outsourcing is an advantage for some companies and a disadvantage for their potential employees. It all started in the late nineteen seventies when a few textile companies began outsourcing the production of garments to Asia. This began a chain of events for more outsourcing of the production of shoes, toys, electronic items, and eventually auto parts. Many American companies began to outsource to countries that could speak the English language, and were there was very cheap wages paid. Many accounting businesses, as well as clothing and electronics factories started using companies located overseas for expediting routine work and outsourcing has gained momentum in many crowed nations. Adayana is an outsourcing globalized human capital development and organizational success. One particular client they serve is the automobile industry. Adayana provides expertise training and advice in learning solutions is used to delivery, strategy to management consulting, branding to strategic communications, performance technologies, and managed learning services. The company’s main objective for the automobile industry is to sharpen the competitive advantages and improve organizational performance. There are many advantages to outsourcing for example, lower operating costs like the country of India, where the citizens are well educated and willing to work for a fraction of the cost compared to domestic workers. Another example would be corporate tax breaks that allow companies to defer on paying taxes on profits earned abroad and to pay no taxes if the revenue from overseas is not spent on a parent company in America. One other advantage for the human resource specialist is workforce flexibility. With outsourcing you may employ a larger workforce when tasks become overwhelmingly demanding....

References: Adayana. (2013). Adayana
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