Adaptive Behavior

Topics: Social psychology, Psychology, Human behavior Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: December 16, 2013
AP Psychology
One of the most useful generalizations in psychology is that “behavior is adaptive”. Behaviors change due to an individuals experience over time. The changes take place so that the individual is able to better adapt to their environment or situation. For example, the adaptive value was founded by Charles Darwin. In his book, Survival of the Fittest, he shows how animals make sure to bring their kids come out in a safe environment to survive. One generalization that can be described as an adaptive is obedience. Someone's action can come from an authority figure. Their attitude and the way they talk can be changed by someone they think is inferior to them. An example of how obedience can be used is when a teacher is teaching a class and he/she calls out onto a student to make them buy a donut for them. That student could either say “no” and get into trouble or listen to the teacher and say “yes”. This student's benefit's can be shown when the teacher receives his/her donut. The student might get a good participation grade or it will be seen by the teacher how well the student listens. An experimenter that had conducted this study was a man named Milgram. His cognitive result showed that anxiety can be the main cause of one's thoughts and actions. It can lead the mind into thinking that what they thought they wouldn't do. Aggression is another form of what can be used to describe the behavior of adaptation. A biological reason on why humans get upset can be because of their drugs. Their effect on their nervous system can create some kind of aggravation for them. Albert Bandura had done an experiment on why their behavior is different through aggression. A man started hitting the doll, while the kid was watching. When it was his turn, he had shown what his father had done. Which was hitting the bobo doll countless times. This adaptation is a benefit because it shows how a father should behave around their kids. It gives them an advantage on what...
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