Adaptive Behavior

Topics: Intelligence quotient, Mental retardation, Developmental disability Pages: 5 (1295 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Intelligence & Adaptive Behavior

Jennelle Dixson GCU SPE 553
Intelligence & Adaptive Behavior Students diagnosed with Intellectual disabilities display significant in the areas of adaptive behavior and intellectual functioning. It is a disability that must be diagnosed as occurring before age 18. Students diagnosed with intellectual disabilities can range from being mildly to severely intellectually disable. Students who are only mildly affected may be difficult to diagnose or recognize, since there may be no visual cues. It has been estimated that over four million Americans have an Intellectual or developmental disability (Larson, 2000). However this figure could be misleading, since it is suspected that many school age students are misdiagnosed with other learning disabilities, developmental delay, behavior disorder, or autism instead of intellectual disability. Some still use the term mental retardation, to refer to individuals with ID. This term is perceived as outdated and offensive. Families, educators, and the general public are becoming aware that Intellectual Disability is the legal and appropriate term to identify individuals with this disability. One common question people have is why we need to distinguish intellectual disability from developmental disability. The answer is that there are major differences like, the age symptoms first appear, the severity of the limitations experienced, and the requirements of a low IQ score. Because of this many students with intellectual disability would not meet the definition of developmental disabled. It has been estimated that at least half of individuals with intellectual disabilities will not meet the functional limitation requirements in the IDEA definition of developmentally disabled. So the many members of the general public ask what intelligence is. Is there any real way to define or test intelligence? Who defines what true intelligence is. Can intelligence be passed on genetically? Or can your environment impact your intelligence? What happens if your environment is unhealthy? According to David Wechsler, intelligence is defined as “The aggregate or global capacity of an individual to act purposefully, to think rationally and deal effectively with his environment.” Basically intelligence refers to a person’s general mental capacity; which includes their reasoning skills, ability to plan, problem solve, their ability to think abstractly, the comprehension of complex ideas, their ability to learn from experience and the speed in which they are able to learn. Some professionals believe that the measurement of intelligence is impossible. While others believe that any endeavors to define intelligence have resulted in definitions that are both narrow and circular. Educators today use Intelligence Quotient tests to measure intelligence. If a child receives IQ score of 70 or below, they may be presumed to have an intellectual disability. Besides an IQ requirement

The definition of intellectual disability also requires identification of significant limitations in the area of adaptive behavior. A students Adaptive behavior is considered to be a collaboration of practical, social and conceptual skills, that are required to function in everyday life. The lives of students who have significant limitations in adaptive behavior are impacted daily. Their ability to respond to situations in their environment is affected. Skills like expressive and receptive writing, reading. Self direction and the concept of money are conceptual skills. Interpersonal skills like following directions or rules, obeying laws or being...
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