Adapting to A New Environment

Topics: Change, Central Java, Malay language Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Adapting to a New Environment
Human being are very adaptable. We can live in most climates of the world. In the past, people tended to stay in a place they were born, but now we move more easily from countryside to city, from one part of a country to another, and even from country to country. Each place has its own customs and ways of life, and countries also have different languages. When I moved from Klaten to Padang, I changed my behavior in three significant ways. First, I completely changed in the way I speak. Since I lived in Klaten, I have spoken in Javanese. For it is my mother thongue, I spoke to everyone in degreed Javanese language. Unlike, I have to use Bahasa while staying in Padang because nobody knows what I mean if I speak in Javanese. At first, I was laughed by my friends because my Javanese’s accent was completely mixed with Bahasa while speaking. They thought my spoken was funny, instead I tried my best. It was really hard to drop my original accent, because I used to use it for eight years. Therefore, to understand what native speakers in Padang say, I also learn to speak and understand Minangkabaunese. I think it is not really hard, because it is similar with Bahasa as well. So, no matter what languages I use in Padang, since they understand what I mean and so do I, it is enough. Another change is the way I travel is quite different with I used to be. I have been using public transportation in both Padang and Klaten. Unlike in Klaten, I always get dizzy whenever I use public trasportation in Padang. They have some big differences. In Padang, most of the drivers are rude and careless, I think. Also, they turn a very loud music with a strong bass, it makes me going crazy. By contrast, in Klaten, I could enjoy taking a nap while using public transportation because the drivers were friendly and, of course, they did not turn on hard beat musics. Beside using public transportation, I usually go somewhere by foot, especially in the morning and...
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