Adapting to Westernization
Topics: Culture / Pages: 5 (1162 words) / Published: Jul 18th, 2013

The world, as the audience may know is made up of many countries each having its own culture, beliefs, practices etc. Surprisingly, many if not most of the cultures of today are heavily influenced by other cultures to a point that there is deliberate destruction of an ethnic group. An example of this would be the Westernization of cultures. Westernization has caused an massive impact on acculturation. Acculturation is proposed as a multidimensional process consisting of the confluence among heritage-cultural and receiving cultural practices, values, and identifications (Schwartz, Unger, Zamboanga, & Szapocznik, 2010). Writer, Paul Harrison, in his cause and effect essay evaluates how westernization is eradicating the cultural diversity of the world. Harrison's purpose is to examine certain tendencies shared by nations that are otherwise dissimilar. He adopts a distressing tone in order to open the eyes of the adolescent readers. Westernization has been a deleterious effect of cultural diversity throughout the world. The new generation disregard the whole concept of rich culture. Paul Harrison points out "Young people don't like operas, they are too old fashioned". He goes on to quote a young man remark saying "We would prefer to see a high-quality Western variety show, something like that", this is the consequence of permissive parenting. Permissive Parenting is low on positive structure and direction. (When it comes to handling your hard-to-handle child, are you an authoritative, authoritarian or permissive parent?, 2000). The younger generation is being brought up by indulgent parents into a more modern world that is exposed to different cultures. Permissive Parenting does not grow the child with strict values; there is no direction to where the child is heading and therefore adapts to what he/she likes or what is trending. Parents are influential bearers and if there is no guidance the child will stray away to what he/she feels is familiar or

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