Adaptations Animals and Plants Have made to the Climate of the Rainforests

Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: October 31, 2014
With reference to one tropical biome that you have studied, discuss the adaptations to the climate by vegetation and animals (10 marks) There are a number of different adaptations that vegetation in rainforests has made in order to adjust to the climate. There are 5 layers of vegetation found in the tropical rainforest biome. Firstly due to the canopy layer which provides continuous cover only 2% of sunlight filters to the forest floor so few seedlings grow. This means that some plants have to adapt to these conditions by not requiring as much sunlight to grow. An example of a plant that does this, is a Lianas which is found on the forest floor where there is very little sunlight. This means that once trees fall down and there is more light available that seeds need to germinate quickly in order to ensure access to sufficient sunlight. Hardwoods such as ebony and teak germinat,e quickly to begin what is a slow competition of growth. In addition the kapok tree which is an emergent has strong buttress roots in order to support their tall height. The kapok tree has to be tall in order to reach sunlight above all the other trees for photosynthesis. The Macaranga tree has quick growth due to their adapted large leaves which enable the plant to absorb lots of sunlight. As for the animals found in the rainforest they have also made adaptations in terms of their food supply. The Spider Monkey which is found in the Amazon live near fig trees as this is their major food source. This is because the fig trees have fruit all year round therefore there is a constant supply and always available. Therefore they have made adaptions of their food supply based on the climate as this is one of the only supplies that fruit all year round in the hot and humid climate of the rainforest.
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