Adaptability level of former education students who were advised to shift

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After graduation most high school students have to face dilemmas about the future. They ask themselves, “What happens after graduation?”Dilemmas that they must be able to succumb immediately. But that’s not the end of it for them, the hardest question about going to college is, “What course do you want to take?” second, “Are you sure?” there are times answers are “yes” to the second question. But due to the stringent requisites of their course they are opted to switch to plan B, which is shifting their course. While many students appeal for reconsideration process, other fined shifting as a means of ending their purpose to their current course. Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education is one of the programs being offered in Laguna University. In line with this, the BSEd-offers three (3) subjects for majoring the course, these subjects are Mathematics, English and Biology. With this, these Department imposed qualifications for freshmen BSEd students in order to know who are fit enough for the profession. The qualification was implemented to maintain the department’s “above par” performance based on the National Standards mandated by the Commission on the Higher Education. However not all students are lucky enough to pass the qualifications. Those who failed were advised to shift to another course. On the other hand shifting does not guarantee success, the process of shift5ing itself is a challenge with shifting exams, interviews and the thought of not making the cut on their previous course will be stressful. But the implication can be more of a struggle, a struggle to adapt a new world as they enter a new world. In line with this the researcher have chosen to conduct this study because of the curiosity they have towards their former comrades on how they adapt and what are the factors that affects their adaptability level.

The Adaptability level of former education students who are advised to shift course. As a student shifters encountered a stressful process from on course to another. How students’ shifters adapt their new found course?

How do students view themselves as a shifter?
Is socializing with new classmates is helpful to adapt easily to their new course?

a. Students’ shifters are adapting easily their new found course. b. Students’ shifters are having a hard time adapting their new course. SUB PROBLEM
a. They are not adapting their new course
b. They are adapting their new course

a. They view themselves as a failure
b. They view themselves as an optimistic individuals towards their new course

a. Socializing is a great factor to help shifters adapt
b. Socializing maybe is a bad factor due to alienation of their classmates because they are shifters

The researchers believe that this study would be a great help to the following: EDUCATORS AND SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: will focus on the ability of students regarding their suitability in the course. STUDENTS: will become aware in choosing their course that will help them gain and develop knowledge and skills. PARENTS: will be guided in choosing course to help their children achieve their goals in life. RESEARCHERS: will serve as their reference in making related studies. DEPARTMENT: this study will help the University’s departments in solving student’s individual shifting problems. STUDENTS SHIFTER: this study will help students shifter to know what are the pros and cons of the shifting process.

The study will focus on Laguna University students who were advised to shift course after failing in the qualifying exam administered by Education Department. It will focus on twenty (20) selected Bachelor of Arts in Communication students who were formerly Education students of Laguna University. The students will focus only on the adaptability level and academic performance of...
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