AdamsTina Unit 7 PSO Jane Roberts

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Unit 7 PSO Jane Roberts
Tina Adams
July 26, 2015
Kaplan -CJ345 Supervisory Practices in Criminal Justice
Professor: James Washburn

Officer Jane Roberts got pregnant by the FTO, Andrew Tibbets. The FTO is not willing to leave his wife and now will not have anything to do with Officer Jane Roberts. There was a confrontation and Sergeant Williams witnessed it but never mentioned it to either one of them, thinking that they could take care of it themselves. Well, since the FTO now wants nothing to do with Officer Roberts, she went to Sergeant Williams to let him know what was going on between the two of them. She told him that she was pregnant and that the baby was Officer Tibbets. The Sergeant informed her that she would have to take a leave of absence because she was pregnant. She stated she talked to a lawyer and was informed that since it happened on duty and the Sergeant knew what kind of man the FTO was, it was his fault that she was pregnant and that she could get workman’s compensation (More & Miller, 2014).

There are many issues with the department and with Officer Jane Roberts, Field Training Officer Andrew Tibbets and Sergeant Williams. I do not believe that Sergeant Williams made a sound operational decision at all. He knew what kind of man the FTO was and did nothing about it before or now. The man is married and has kids, and everyone knows that he is a ladies man and they let him get away with it (More & Miller, 2014). That is sexual harassment just waiting to happen. The Sergeant is just as liable as the FTO when it comes to sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be any unwelcome sexual advances, verbal comments, or any sexual nature of any kind (“Sexual Harassment”, n.d.). Just because it was not unwelcome with Officer Roberts does not mean there were not women or men in the past that found his ladies’ man attitude offensive. Sergeant Williams thought that Officer Roberts could hold her own against men like the FTO and put them in their place if need be, so he never thought there would be an issue if he put the two of them together. I think that deep down he thought that Roberts would tell him off and put him in his place, like so many others should have. Like he wants to and does not have the guts to do. Williams should never have let the FTO train anyone with the attitude that he has. Sergeant Williams should have known it would cause problems sooner or later. There should have been a policy in place about workplace dating and each office should have had to sign it. With these kinds of policies, things need to be clearly written, like defining what is “dating”, because everyone has their own idea of what that is (Williams, 2015). This may not have stopped their relationship, but it may have controlled some of the outcomes, like the workers compensation or possible lawsuit (More & Miller). There were many mistakes made in the beginning, even before Public Safety Officer Roberts went to training. The Astonville Police Department/fire department was told to take it easy on the officers so that they did not take jobs elsewhere. Officers were allowed to take longer lunches, go to school functions during work hours and take college classes during their shift. If work was done, they could do what they wanted more or less. This is not how to manage a department, even if you want to keep people from quitting. I believe that there is low managerial visibility going on in this town along with low public visibility (More &Miller, 2014, p. 327). The lack of supervision and the way the departments get away with things, in other words the leniency that the city gives them is what has caused the visibility issues. I believe that the policies that are in place in these departments are not written very well or just not followed at all. As I do not believe that there is true corruption going on in this department, but if the officers are allowed to go to school...

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