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"Adam's BBQ"
Takeout Restaurant
Team 1

Project Scope Statement
Rev. 3, 05/26/2009

Project Name:

“Adam’s BBQ” Takeout Restaurant

Prepared by:

Team 1

Date (MM/DD/YYYY):


Version History (insert rows as needed):





Initial document compiled.



Updated Project Description section.



Include logo, revise version on header, Update Executive Summary, Section 2.1 sync up the “Adam’s BBQ” Takeout Restaurant mentioned throughout, Section 3.1 Project Scope, Section 3.4 Assumption (change date from May to August.), Section 3.5 Constraints

Project Planning & Scheduling – Spring 2009 – Team 1

Page 1

"Adam's BBQ"
Takeout Restaurant
Team 1

Project Scope Statement
Rev. 3, 05/26/2009

1. Executive Summary
Due to the lack of such fast food BBQ restaurants in the Pacific Beach dining community, this project aims to fill a void and succeed in attracting customers who seek fast, convenient and high quality BBQ food.

The project will be executed by acquiring a small building (approximately 800 Sq Ft) in Pacific Beach and then converting it into a fast food restaurant complete with a drive-through window. The restaurant will provide BBQ made with fresh, organic ingredients – all of which will be available to customers via carryout and drive-through. The milestones of the project include:

Research Phase: complete market research

Procurement Phase: obtain building and supplies

Renovation and Styling: complete building renovations

Advertising: launch advertising campaign

Staff: obtain staff

Grand Opening: being food service

2. Business Objectives
2.1 Product Description (Solution):

“Adam’s BBQ” Takeout Restaurant will give San Diego what it has been craving, great BBQ! “Adam’s BBQ” Takeout Restaurant thrives on providing each customer with the “Adam’s Experience” - Authentic Texas style “Get-It to Go” BBQ. Folks that love BBQ will enjoy “Adam’s BBQ” Takeout Restaurant secret family recipe “BBQ sauces and rubs from many generations past. Adam’s #1 mission is to ensure customers are thoroughly satisfied, to satisfy that one single craving: Mesquite grilled baby back beef ribs and chicken. Providing consistency, quality, freshness and friendly service is Adam’s passion for fantastic BBQ.

“Adam’s BBQ” Takeout Restaurant specializes in made-to-order authentic Texas style BBQ and serving delicious sides made from only fresh high quality ingredients.

San Diego has waited too many years and now the wait is over! “Adam’s BBQ” Takeout Restaurant opens its first drive-thru restaurant August 23, 2010, located in the community of Pacific Beach at the corner of Mission Blvd. and Garnet Ave. that will serve a diverse community of skateboarders and BMWs.

Project Planning & Scheduling – Spring 2009 – Team 1

Page 2

"Adam's BBQ"
Takeout Restaurant
Team 1

Project Scope Statement
Rev. 3, 05/26/2009

2. Business Objectives
2.2 Business Objectives:
“Adam’s BBQ” Takeout Restaurant first three years of operation include: 

Maintaining tight controls on costs and operations by hiring a managing partner/proprietor utilizing automated computer/Internet control.

Expanding our marketing and advertising in San Diego neighboring suburbs to increase our customer base.

Averaging sales between 1-2 million dollars per year.

Keeping food cost fewer than 35% of revenue.

Keeping employee labor cost between 16-18% of revenue.

Improving our Gross Margin from a target of 65.41% in Year 1 to 67.10 in Year 2; goal is to attain a 70.73% by Year 3.

Promoting and expanding the “Adam’s Experience” BBQ restaurant concept as a unique destination restaurant by opening one additional restaurant in the first years of operation....
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