Adam Eve

Topics: Adam and Eve, Diary, Emotion Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: March 4, 2015
Jason Yao
Feb 1st 2015
American Lit
Ms. Middleton
Adam & Eve’s Diary
Adam & Eve’s Diary depicts the story of Adam and Eve in first person narrative.The story is written in Diary form with many entries. The story is about the same even that took place but is told by two people in a very different manner. The first part is told through Adam’s perspective and the next part is told through Eve’s. The two short stories are written very differently. The diction, amount of details and length of each diary entry is different. Eves diary entries are much longer, includes a of questions, emotions and is also a lot more detailed than Adam’s. It takes Eve a lot more pages to tell her story even through she came after Adam. The story shows the stereotypical way of how a man and a woman thinks and acts. The story is set in a time before everything was understood.

Adam is the first man and person on earth. He starts off the story as being a very simple person. When the story is being told through Adam’s perspective the writing is simple, he explains things easily and the information can be clearly understood. He did not show a major change in emotions or curiosity until Eve came. He was fine with the way things were and did not intend on changing them. At first he was scared and uncertain about Eve. When Eve first came he didn't like her at all. He did not understand her actions. It went from him having fun with the animals and and observing them, to Eve giving them funny names and poking around for trouble. Adam was curious about her strange actions but as time went on he got used to them. It became a custom for them to live together with kids and animals. Adam is very foolish. He does not have very good social skills and is also kind of stupid. He thought a baby was 4 different kinds of animals simply because it had one of the characteristic of a previously known animal. Adams motivation is simply to live life. He is a dynamic character. The reason why Adam is a...
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