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Topics: United States Navy, Navy, Pride Pages: 5 (2212 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Pride. The definition of pride is as follows: a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conducts, etc.  How many different variations of pride are there? Are there many or just one or two? To tell the truth, it depends on the person. Some people believe there are many, while still others believe in one variation. However, most people believe in many. Out of all of them, here are three. There are many different variations of pride such as the pride of one’s accomplishments, one’s self-pride, and also the pride of one’s country. The pride of one’s accomplishments means different things to different people. Some people believe that it refers to physical accomplishments such as being MVP in football, running a fast mile time, or winning a volleyball tournament. Others believe it means mental accomplishments such as getting a perfect score on a test, getting good grades, or being valedictorian of a high school class. No matter what it means to the different people, they are all they same variation of pride. One’s self-pride is a variation of pride in which everyone agrees about. This kind of pride includes physical parts such as what someone look like and what someone sound like along with others. There are also mental aspects of it also such as what someone wants everyone else to think about them, what someone thinks about them, or what someone thinks about everything else. Most people take what everyone else thinks of themselves and tries to make it so that everyone thinks highly of them. The pride of one’s country is important no matter what country someone lives in. In America, people show their pride by celebrating the Fourth of July and all the other patriotic holidays. The armed forces show their pride by risking their very own lives, just so that Americans can have a free country to live in. There are many people in the armed forces. Just think about how many lives are being risked to give people they will not even meet a free country. There are still some though that believe that is only one variation of pride. Three out of the many variations of pride are one’s self-pride, the pride of one’s accomplishments, and the pride of one’s country. That in itself explains what pride should mean to most everyone. Some people have different definitions of pride but in the end it all should mean the same thing. There are different ways to feel pride as well. Such as pride in an accomplishment. Pride in ones job. Pride in one’s family and friends. Pride can be felt in a multitude of different ways. It can be expressed and shown like that as well. It can be shown by a simple facial expression or a random outburst or shout. Pride can be characterized in many ways. Everyone has their own ways and ideas of showing pride.

Pride in the Navy can be traced back to the early beginnings of our country. When men would sign up to go fight to make their families and wives and children proud. It meant something to sign on the dotted line and put their lives at risk for a cause bigger than their own. And since then men and woman around the country have come to our great country to sign on that dotted line to signify that they too would like to don the uniform of a United States sailor. It’s an amazing thing to think that men and women leave their lives and families to take the oath and don the uniform of a United States sailor. Thousands of men and women have taken the oath and served the United States and its navy for hundreds of years. All having pride in the job they have and the work they do to keep out country safe from enemies who would see harm come to us and the ones we love. Many men and women have also fallen throughout years keeping our country safe. And all died with pride in their hearts in knowing that what they were doing was keeping their friends and loves ones safe. While it may have saddened and depressed those they left...
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